Every generation develops a new name to better describe it.  Cartoonist Lorin Morgan-Richards has coined a new term.

While there is no exact definition of when a generation begins or ends, “Generation Z” is generally defined as anyone born between the early 1990’s and mid-2000s. Thus, they are born into the modern age of cell phones and social media, and have grown up with this technology and societal interaction as their norm.
We all know them; Generation Z=ers.  The generation that grew up watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” that believe having a cell phone is a God-given right, and would rather text with someone than speak to an actual person right in front of them.
So, while they are commonly known as Generation Z, Cartoonist Lorin Morgan-Richards has taken it upon himself to supply a more appropriate name to this group, something more fitting to their particular style.
Richards playfully explains: “While the beatniks had On the Road the Bratniks have On the Phone. The ironic twist is that neighboring generations can easily be sucked into Generation Z like a black hole – making it very hard to differentiate what time and place you originated. Considering, maybe it’s not so bad after all.”
You can read more of Lorin Morgan-Richards comics, The Goodbye Family and The Noodle Rut, here at steamkat.com, as well as at lorinrichards.com

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